The Best 1st Beach in Antalya (Konyaaltı Beach)

Konyaaltı beach is far about 4 kilometers central of Antalya..
Konyaaltı beach is most visited and popular in Antalya even the in the world.
The most liked thing in Konyaalti is the walking way and cafe, bars, hotels and restaurants.
Also, These cafes, bars are next to the beach.
Konyaaltı beach area has 3 kilometres.

The Best 2nd Beach in Antalya (Lara Beach)

Lara beach is located in Antalya

Lara Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Antalya, located just 12 kilometers east of the city center. With its long stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, it’s no surprise that this stunning beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

But Lara Beach is more than just a pretty face. It offers a wide range of amenities and activities, making it a great destination for a day trip or a longer beach vacation. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, as well as beachfront restaurants, cafes, and bars.

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, there are also several high-end hotels and resorts located along the beachfront, offering direct access to the sea and a range of activities and amenities.

Overall, Lara Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Antalya. With its stunning scenery, range of activities, and family-friendly atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this beach is so popular among visitors to the city.

The Best 3rd beach in Antalya (Belek Beach)

Belek Beach is best 3rd beach in Antalya. It is located in the district of Belek in Antalya, Turkey. The beach is famous for its long stretch of golden sand and clear water, and many people visit it from both near and far.

There are lots of things to do at Belek Beach besides swimming and sunbathing. Visitors can try fun water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. Belek is also known for its fancy golf courses, which are popular with tourists. On the beachfront, there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Belek Beach has lots of high-end hotels and resorts, which offer many activities and things to do. This makes it a great place for families, couples, and solo travelers who want a relaxing beach vacation.

Overall, Belek Beach is a must-visit destination in Antalya. With its beautiful scenery, fun activities, and luxurious amenities, it’s no wonder why so many people love this beach

The Best 4th Beach in Antalya (Kaputas Beach)

Kaputas Beach is located in Kas

It is far to central of Antalya about 1, 1.5 hours.

Kaputas beach is a little bit small place.
It is behind of rocks.
At Summer months, it is crowded place.

The Best 5th Beach in Antalya (Olympos Beach)

Olympos Beach is a famous beach in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. It’s near the town of Olympos in Antalya province. The beach is part of the Olympos Coastal National Park, which is known for its beauty and history.

People like Olympos Beach because it has clear water, pebbles on the shore, and mountains in the background. It’s a peaceful place where people go to swim, sunbathe, and relax.

Olympos Beach is also important because it’s near the ancient city of Olympos. This city used to be very important and now people can visit the ruins of the old buildings, temples, and a Roman theater. Visitors can learn about history while enjoying the beach.

Overall, Olympos Beach is a great place to visit if you’re in Antalya. It’s beautiful, historical, and relaxing for everyone.

The Best 6th Beach in Antalya (Cirali Beach)

A picture from Cirali Beach

Cirali Beach is located in the village of Cirali, about 70 kilometers from Antalya, and is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is a nesting site for endangered loggerhead sea turtles, and artificial lighting is restricted during certain times of the year to protect them.

The long strip of pebbles and sand is surrounded by pine forests and mountains and offers clear waters for swimming and water sports. The nearby village of Olympos is a popular archaeological site with ancient ruins to explore.

So, Cirali Beach is a unique and beautiful destination with a rich history that is a must-visit for travelers to Antalya.

The Best 7th Beach in Antalya (Phaselis Beach)

A picture from Phaselis Beach

Phaselis Beach is located in the town of Tekirova, about 15 kilometers south of Kemer. The beach is known for its clear blue waters and pebbled shoreline, surrounded by lush green forests. Visitors can swim and enjoy water sports activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Phaselis is also an ancient city, with ruins of ancient buildings and a theater that can be explored.

The Best 8th Beach in Antalya (Adrasan Beach)

A picture from Adrasan Beach

Adrasan Beach is a beautiful beach located in the small village of Adrasan, which is around 90 kilometers from Antalya.

The beach has clear turquoise waters and soft sand, making it a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing. Adrasan Beach is surrounded by pine forests and mountains, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Visitors to the beach can also enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

The village of Adrasan itself is a small and quiet place, making it an ideal location for those seeking a relaxing getaway.

The Best 9th Beach in Antalya (BLM Beach)

A picture from BLM Beach

BLM Beach is a beach club located in Antalya It is situated on Eski Lara Yolu.

The beach club offers a variety of services such as sunbeds and umbrellas, a restaurant and bar, water sports activities, and live music events. The club has a relaxed and casual atmosphere, perfect for a day of fun in the sun.

The Best 10thBeach in Antalya (Konyaaltı Beach Park)

A picture from Konyaaltı Beach park

Konyaaltı Beach Park is a big public beach in Antalya, Turkey.

It’s on the west side of the city and has a long sandy beach and clear water. The beach park has a lot of things you can use like showers, changing rooms, chairs to sit on, umbrellas to protect from the sun, and places to play beach volleyball.

Also, there are many places to eat, drink, and shop, as well as fun things for kids like a playground, mini-golf, and skating. You can get there easily by bus, and if you drive, there’s plenty of parking.

Lots of people, both from Antalya and tourists, love to come to Konyaaltı Beach Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun things to do at the beach.

The Best 11th Beach in Antalya (Camyuva Park)

A picture from Camyuva Beach

Camyuva Beach is located in the Kemer district of Antalya, Turkey. It’s a long and wide pebble beach with crystal-clear waters. The beach offers stunning views of the Taurus Mountains and is surrounded by lush green forests. There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent.

Camyuva Beach is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling, as the waters are calm and clear. The beach is also great for family vacations, as it offers a playground for children and many beachside cafes and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing day by the beach, Camyuva Beach is a good option to consider in Antalya.

The Best 12th Beach in Antalya (Adalar Beach)

A picture from Adalar Beach

Adalar Beach is a place where you can go to swim and enjoy the sun in Antalya, Turkey. The beach has sand and the water is very clear and clean. It is not usually crowded, so you can enjoy a more peaceful time there.

You can do fun activities on the water, like riding on a jet ski or a parasail. There are some small restaurants and cafes nearby where you can eat and drink.

Adalar Beach is surrounded by trees, which makes it very beautiful and relaxing. If you want to have a quiet and relaxing day at the beach, Adalar Beach is a good choice in Antalya.

The Best 13th Beach in Antalya (Goynuk Beach)

A picture from Goynuk Beach

Goynuk Beach is in Antalya, Turkey. The sand is soft and the water is clear. Families with kids like it because there are things to do, like ride a banana boat or jet ski. You can buy food and drinks at shops and restaurants.

There are shaded areas and chairs to rent. The beach is surrounded by hills and trees. Goynuk Beach is a perfect choice for a fun family day at the beach.

The Best 14th Beach in Antalya (Monlight Beach)

The picture is from Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach is in Antalya, Turkey. The beach has clear water and golden sand. It’s a popular beach with many tourists. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas to relax. There are also restaurants and cafes nearby. The beach has a beautiful view of the mountains. Moonlight Beach is a great place to visit if you want to relax and enjoy the sun.

The Best 15th Beach in Antalya (Tekirova Beach)

A picture from Tekirova Beach

Tekirova Beach is in Antalya, Turkey. The beach has crystal clear water and pebble sand. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas to relax. There are many restaurants and cafes near the beach. You can also do water sports like jet skiing and parasailing. Tekirova Beach has a beautiful view of the mountains. It’s a great place to visit if you want to relax and enjoy the sea.

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