The best places to visit in Antalya; Suluada Island Turkey, Antalya

Suluada is a small island near Kumluca, a town in Antalya, Turkey. It’s really pretty and has clear water and caves. People like to go there to swim and snorkel. There are also some old buildings there from a long time ago, like a theater and a temple. To get to Suluada, you have to […]

Dim Cave in Alanya

Where is the Dim Cave in Alanya? Kestel, Dim Mağarası İşletmesi, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye Dim Cave is in Dimçayı, a suburb of Alanya, in Antalya province of Turkey. You can drive or take public transportation to the cave, which is about 11 km east of Alanya. To get there from Alanya, take the D400 highway […]

The Best Hotels in Antalya

The Best 1st Hotel in Antalya (Rixos Downtown Antalya Rixos Downtown Antalya is a fancy 5-star hotel in Antalya, Turkey. The hotel looks modern and stylish and has many things to do for guests. There are 360 rooms for guests with air conditioning, TV, minibar, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel has many restaurants, bars, and […]

The Best Restaurants in Antalya

The Best 1st Restaurant in Antalya (7 Mehmet) 7 Mehmet Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Antalya, Turkey. The restaurant serves traditional Turkish food, including grilled meats and meze dishes. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is decorated with Turkish decor. The restaurant is named after the owner’s grandfather, who was a […]

The Best Beaches in Antalya

The Best 1st Beach in Antalya (Konyaaltı Beach) Konyaaltı beach is far about 4 kilometers central of Antalya..Konyaaltı beach is most visited and popular in Antalya even the in the world.The most liked thing in Konyaalti is the walking way and cafe, bars, hotels and restaurants.Also, These cafes, bars are next to the beach.Konyaaltı beach […]

The Best 9 places to visit in Antalya

The Best 1st Place to visit (Old Town, Kaleici) The old town ,called kaleici, is a touristic place. Old town has been very popular with tourists and locals in Antalya recent years. It is impossible not to get lost when you enter. It looks like a small labyrinth. It’s actually a phone and camera with […]